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I love music... my musical taste is not limited to the typical worship or gospel songs. So, over the years as I've had to figure out how to listen to music that I like, while also staying spiritually healthy. I've had to be intentional about finding music that still has a certain sound and feel, but not the lyrical or spiritual poison that often comes with it.

Since the YOUth service a few months ago, I've had or heard multiple conversations about the music we listen to, and the christian music that's available to us. So, I've decided to share a few of my personal playlists with you.


The old excuse of Christian music being subpar is a thing of the past - quality, production and creativity are at the highest level and only getting better. Just to be clear, I am NOT saying "all secular music is bad". I'm simply pointing out that there is a ton of Christian music out now that is just a good to your ears as it is for your soul.

So, take a listen, share with others, and check back regularly because I'm always adding new music... sometimes daily! Even if they are not your cup of tea, my hope is that they at least inspire you to make your own playlists and find Christ-centered, biblical music that you like. Happy listening Unity family!


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