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One of the best ways to connect, become a part of the Unity community and build relationships is to serve as a part of one of our ministry teams. They are listed below!  

If you are interested in finding out more, or to let us know what ministries you are interested click below


  1. Volunteers do not have to be a permanent member of UCJC.

  2. Non-member volunteers cannot serve as a ministry head.

  3. It is preferred that all volunteer's express agreement and alignment with our statement of faith, doctrinal beliefs, vision, mission and bylaws. 

    • Prior to volunteering, either the ministry head or overseeing Elder must provide and review the volunteer requirements and items listed above.

    • In cases when there is not agreement with any of the items listed above, approval by the ministry head and overseeing Elder is required prior to volunteer participation.

  4. Volunteers working with children, youth and young adults up to age 21 must have appropriate up-to-date Child Safety Clearances on file in the church office. 

  5. A reference letter may be required from a former pastor, ministry leader, or a UCJC member if the ministry head or overseeing Elder deem it necessary. 

  6. A non-member who is a Christian may serve as a volunteer with a ministry with the required approval of the ministry leader and overseeing Elder. This includes teaching in a ministry.

  7. A non-Christian may serve as a volunteer with a ministry with the required approval of the ministry leader and overseeing Elder.



  1. Must be a Christian, having made a profession of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  2. Must be a permanent member of UCJC, in good standing, for a minimum of 6 months and contingent upon approval of the Elders.

    • This includes regular attendance, a track record of faithful and dependable service, and faithful giving. (Romans 8:1, Proverbs 10:9, 1 Peter 3:16, 1 Peter 4:8)

  3. Must express agreement and alignment with our statement of faith, doctrinal beliefs, vision, mission and bylaws. 

    • Prior to assuming the Ministry Leadership role, the overseeing Elder must review the requirements with the candidate and ensure continued agreement with the items listed above. 

  4. Ministry leaders working with children, youth and young adults up to age 21 must have appropriate up-to-date Child Safety Clearances on file in the church office. 

Children Reading the Holy Bible



About: We provide a safe, creative, and Spirit-led environment for our younger congregants, Pre-K to 5th grade, to experience God's love, presence, and Word. Through various fun activities and teaching, they are able to engage our Heavenly Father in ways they can relate to and understand. This time includes a lesson, hands-on activity, snack, and prayer. We also host Vacation Bible School (VBS), Backpack Blessings, and other children’s outreach opportunities.

Frequency: Children’s Church (Sunday School) meets weekly during Sunday morning services for 30-45 minutes, during the sermon. Volunteers are asked to teach lessons monthly, or as needed based on the number of teachers. There are quarterly coordination meetings for everyone in the ministry. We also ask our Children's Church team members to volunteer for VBS and other outreach opportunities as their availability allows.

Leader: Janette Ortiz -


About: Y.O.U. seeks to equip middle & high school youth with the foundation and tools necessary to continue a lifelong journey in Christ. Our goal is to help them encounter God, cultivate a deep and personal relationship with Him, grow in their knowledge of who He is, and by extension, discover who they are. Out of their relationship with God, we desire to see them walk in their Kingdom purpose, positively impact their relationships, and discover their spiritual gifts. They will be encouraged to use these gifts and talents in creative ways that nurture their growth within Unity, in the body of Christ, and in our community.

Frequency: Y.O.U. meets bi-weekly on Sunday mornings during the time of teaching in service, and at least one other time during the month outside of service time. Our youth also participates in "YOUth Sundays" throughout the year where they lead or serve in every aspect of our Sunday service.

Leader: Tracey Jackson -


About: As a subsection of Y.O.U., we look to mentor and uplift young ladies in middle school (grades 6-8). We encourage connectedness through weekly check-ins and periodic social activities. answering questions, providing spiritual guidance, and creating a sense of Christ-minded community for our girls.

Frequency: The meeting schedule varies, but we do value weekly connection points, whether in-person or electronic.

Leader: Janette Ortiz -



About: UCCM is a fully recognized club at Penn State University. Its mission is to minister to the students of Penn State University and provide them with a forum where they can receive spiritual growth and minister to others. The vision of UCCM is to embrace God, embrace People, and embrace purpose in ways relevant and applicable to the college student experience. We share the Christian ideal through our love for Christ and our fellow man, while providing a safe, welcoming environment for undergraduate students to participate in worship, fellowship, and growth in the Word.


Frequency: We have Bible Study every Tuesday @7pm. We also have hangouts and monthly fun gatherings on campus and nearby community areas. (Ex: Skating, game nights, movie nights, etc.)


Additional Requirements: Must be a Penn State undergraduate student to serve on the UCCM Exec Board.


Connect - UCCM Linktree, Instagram @uccm.pennstate

Leader: Audrey Kharem -



About: Our vision is to offer a high-quality presentation of our services, events, and activities both in person and online, in a way that allows everyone to freely experience the presence of God and power of His Word. Our team coordinates every aspect of the church's audio and video production. This includes: cameras, live video switching and directing, in-person audio, streaming audio, lighting, and live presentation. We train our team members from entry level to achieve competency in the various roles they are interested in.

Frequency: We work with everyone’s schedules to ensure adequate coverage for our regular Sunday services and Wednesday Encounter services. We also fill any AVL needs for events and activities as needed.

Additional Requirements:  General familiarity with the area you are interested in is desirable but not required, and we are always willing to teach anyone with a heart to serve.

Leader: Curtis Parker


About: The communication & marketing team is a conduit of information, events, and overall church life to our members and community. The ministry consists of several teams that execute our communication strategy across multiple platforms. These teams include, but are not limited to, social media, church announcements, graphics, website maintenance, newsletter, email marketing, and photography. Our desire is to use every medium available, and we want include everyone who wants to join us: if you can type or text, there's a place for you!

Frequency: Quarterly coordination meetings. Depending on the area you serve in, general availability is needed to post, create, or add content if needed outside of pre-scheduled content. The newsletter team coordinates via electronic communication throughout the month to prepare and release the monthly newsletter.

Leader: Elder Gary

A Supportive Hug



About: A "Unity Group," or U-Group, is UCJC's version of small group ministry. These groups consist of 6-12 people from our church and local community who are committed to growing together spiritually and relationally through studying God's Word, fellowship, serving together, and sharing life with one another. U-Groups are designed to provide a sense of belonging, and a more intimate opportunity to share faith and build stronger relationships. Ultimately, U-Groups are meant to help us fulfill our vision to embrace God, embrace one another, and embrace purpose.

Facilitators & Oversight Team: U-Group facilitators are leaders of an individual U-Group. The oversight team provides ongoing support, direction, and resources for our U-Group facilitators. This includes coordinating overarching U-Group activities and resources, responding to visitor cards, helping people connect with a U-Group, recruiting facilitators, training facilitators.

Additional Requirements: Oversight members and facilitators must be members of Unity and have been a regular participant of a U-Group. Those with strong interpersonal, communication, and listening skills with a passion for bringing people together would enjoy this role.

Leader: Leslie Lang -


“And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart.” - Acts 2:46 (KJV)

  • Jesus modeled this with the twelve disciples.

  • We were created for relationships, with Father God and one another.

  • U-Groups make it easier for members to share faith, life, experiences and vision.

  • U-Groups provide a sense of belonging and help deepen relationships.

  • U-Groups help us to live authentically and to walk out life together.

  • U-Groups help you understand the Bible and how to apply God's Word to your everyday life.

  • U-Groups help us to live in the spirit of Christ Jesus.

  • U-Groups can help you walk out discipleship, worship, fellowship, ministry and evangelism. (Acts 2:42-47)

Leader: Leslie


About: Women of Worth is the umbrella ministry for all Unity women’s ministry. Our vision is to help all women learn how to embrace God, embrace people, and embrace purpose in their daily lives. W.O.W. is committed to building, encouraging and supporting sisterhood among the women of Unity by allowing the Father to direct our paths. All women, members and non-members, are invited to participate in any of our events and activities and encouraged to suggest things that would be of interest to them.

Women in White (W.I.W.) has become the W.O.W. signature event. The name was coined at our first

W.I.W. event years ago where all of the women wore white to service. It is a sacred time, set aside for women from all backgrounds to heal, laugh and gain new perspective from the Lord for their lives. Each year, the theme is different but it’s always a blessing and time of refreshing for all who attend.

A Saturday morning workout often kicks off the weekend followed by informative workshops and a delicious catered lunch. The weekend continues with anointed speakers sharing the Word of God with the women Saturday evening and the entire congregation on Sunday morning. W.I.W. is coordinated by women for women, so we greatly appreciate anyone available to help with the coordination, set up, and general work needed to continue to make this event a great impact.

Women In White Conference - WIW is a weekend conference for women by women. The name originates with the original event where all of the women wore white as a sign of unity and solidarity. The conference is always a powerful time of worship, word, fellowship and growth together!

Seasoned Women's Bible Study was birthed out of a desire to dig deeper into the Word of God together. It is geared toward women 50 and older, but all women are welcome. We explore ways to relate to, empathize with, and often emulate women and others in the Bible. This Bible study has naturally become a safe place for women to embrace each other, share openly, and become vulnerable in order to become stronger together.

Frequency: W.O.W. and its activities are executed as inspired by the Father. Prior activities have included a tea, fashion show, shut-in, spa day, and various seminars. If you have a suggestion for an activity, or you’d like to be a part of the planning team, contact us at




About: The primary purpose of the Psalm 15 Men’s Ministry is to call the men of Unity into a deeper relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ. We provide an inviting space for Christian male community, through engaging God’s Word together, providing mutual support and accountability, and inviting men to grow stronger spiritually, mentally, socially, financially, and physically.

Frequency: Our meetings are typically bi-weekly.

Leader: TBD -

Donation Center



About: In order to maintain a safe and warm environment, we keep our entrance doors locked and secured at all times. The safety team members at the entrance doors has the privilege of welcoming each person entering the building with a smile, while prayerfully keeping our building safe and secure during service.

Frequency: Our goal is to build and maintain a strong rotating schedule of team members who serve a maximum of 1-2 times per month. Our ability to do so is based on the number of people active on our team. Sunday services are the priority, but there may be other events and services our team provides support for.


Additional Requirements: Must be 18 or older.  

Leader: Gail Gwynn -


About: The transportation ministry serves our Penn State students, making sure they are able to come experience God by providing transportation to and from our Sunday morning services and other events. We are committed to operating with excellence; serving with a loving, God-centered attitude and being an example through our words and actions.


Frequency: Currently, team members use sign up to serve based on their availability. We primarily serve on Sunday mornings, but also for special events as needed.

Additional Requirements: A clean driving record. 

Leader: Mike Jackson -


About: Our deacons are a strong group of Unity members who are responsible for executing or overseeing all aspects of serving and building needs at UCJC. As outlined in Acts 6, this includes serving those who are in need within our congregation. As leaders, our deacons are expected to positively impact the church-wide vision and culture and be willing to be looked to for spiritual leadership and guidance when needed.


Frequency: Monthly deacons meetings, coordination with leadership, and various service as needed.


Additional Requirements: The ministry of a deacon is an ordained position. Deacons are nominated and selected by the Advisory Council of elders, or other deacons. However, we are always open to hearing from those who desire to serve in this capacity. Please contact us for a full list of the requirements and description of the full process for becoming a deacon.

Leader: Lupe Martinez -


About: Ushers provide assistance to ministers and congregants with seating, offering, greeting first-time visitors and more. Ushers serve with the purpose of creating a welcoming environment where everyone can receive the message of the Gospel and have a personal experience with God.


Frequency: Ushers typically serve once a month and generally stay available to fill in for others if needed.


Additional Requirements: Must be 12 or older (not including youth Sundays or special events).

Leader: Georjanne Rosa -


About: The hospitality ministry fosters an environment that feeds God’s people naturally and spiritually.


Frequency: Typically there are three fellowship meals each year. We also serve together when any other food services are needed.


Additional Requirements: We require background clearances and a “cooking for a crowd” course. We provide information regarding clearances and the course to whomever expresses interest.

Leader: Donna Reeves -



About: Our mission is to bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to female incarcerated individuals who are in much need of it.


Frequency: When able, our team visits the Centre County Jail on 4th Sundays to conduct a service with the female inmates. The service includes prayer, worship, a message from the Word of God, and an altar call.


Additional Requirements: Anyone interested in participating in prison ministry must be humble, compassionate, patient, discerning and fully committed to the ministry. This is quiet, “behind-the-scenes” work, but our Heavenly Father sees all! Additionally, the Centre County Jail requires volunteers to complete a training course.

Leader: David Bailey -


About: We support missionaries who are spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, both domestically and abroad.


Frequency: Quarterly meetings to pray and plan for fundraising events.


Additional Requirements: You must have a heart to see the Kingdom advanced and the Gospel spread throughout the nations.


Leader: Pastor Vernon Davis -

Image by Gracious Adebayo



About: Our mission is to be watchmen on the wall (Isa.12:6-7), praying for God's plans and purpose for Unity to be fulfilled and for individual needs to be met.


Frequency: Ministry members meet once a week, virtually, for prayer, intercession, and worship. We enjoy the presence of God and each other as we lift up the needs of the congregation, prayer requests, and anything Father leads us to pray about.


Leader: Brendaly Drayton -


NEW MEMBERS CLASS: This is an opportunity for those who attend to become an active member of a welcoming and thriving church community. It is an introduction to who we are, our history, and what we are about. It is also a chance to see how to get involved in the life of Unity, and see the reward of using our gifts and talents to play an integral part in us fulfilling our God-given purpose as a church.


Frequency: The class is taught once a month for no longer than 2 hours. Instructors meet at least once a quarter to discuss the progress of the classes and reflect on how this ministry is impacting spiritual growth.


Additional Requirements: Have a teaching gift/ministry and sound understanding of the Word of God.


FOUNDATIONS 101 & 102 CLASSES: These classes provide an opportunity for people of all ages to learn how to apply foundational truths of the Word of God to their lives in practical ways and live a productive Christian life. Topics include salvation, water baptism, the Holy Spirit, the baptism and gifts of the Spirit, and more. It takes approximately 8 weeks to complete each class.


Frequency: Class instructors check in with participants every couple of weeks via phone, email, or video conference to ensure they are on track and understanding the content.


Additional Requirements: Have a teaching gift/ministry and sound understanding of the Word of God.

Leader: Darchelle Ross & Femi Ologhobo -



About: The purpose of our worship team is to lead people into deep, personal, authentic encounters in God’s presence through Spirit-led music and song. It is our desire to do so out of personal relationship with God and an understanding that our time of worship positions our hearts to receive the Word and see His Spirit move.


Frequency: We primarily serve during Sunday and Wednesday church services according to

predetermined schedules. We rehearse each Thursday evening, and arrive early Sunday morning to prepare for service. At times, we also minister at community events and lead worship with other worship teams.


Additional Requirements:  A basic vocal and musical skill level as required by the Praise & Worship Leader.

Leader: Pastor Ephraim -

Stay tuned for more information about our other worship & arts ministries soon!

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