Welcome Penn State Students


This is a very pivotal time in your life. God has allowed you to come to Penn State to further your education and grow intellectually. We believe that it is also God's desire for you to experience spiritual growth.

It is important for you to connect with a house of worship while you are attending Penn State. This will allow you to receive spiritual nurturing and support from an entire body of believers.

Many Penn State students already have a "home church" and we think that is wonderful. We are not attempting to serve as a replacement for your home church and we do not expect you to disconnect yourself from that place of worship. Our goal is to simply provide you with worship and serve the Lord while you are at Penn State. 

Penn State students are welcome to attend any and all of our services. You are also welcome to serve in some of our ministries and auxiliaries.

A student membership is required in order to participate in any ministry or auxiliary. To obtain a student membership you will simply need to complete our new member's class. 

Again, we are not attempting to pull you away from your home church. The purpose of New Member's Class is to provide you with some information about our church so you can be better equipped to server. Click here to learn more about Unity's New Member's Class. 

Even if you do not choose to fellowship at Unity, we strongly suggest that you find another church to fellowship with while you are at Penn State. Click here to find out more information about other churches in the State College area.