U-Group Resources

What Is Your Story
This document can be used as a tool to help the members of your U-Group get to know each other better.  

Bible Study Resources
Here are a number of different resources that your U-Group can use to study the Bible. 

U-Group Recap Form
Use this form to track the activities of your U-Group. 

Upward, Inward, Outward and Forward Ideas for U-Groups @ UNITY

1.      http://www.smallgroups.net- Saddleback Support for Small Groups

2.      http://www.randallneighbour.com - The Naked Truth About Small Groups

3.      http://www.dcfi.org/resources/article - Dove International, Articles about cell groups

4.      www.smallgroups.com - small group ministry site for Leadership Magazine

5.      www.touchusa.org - Small group resource site