Speaker: Elder Kevin Thomas

Title: Preparing Our Hearts for a Higher Dimension

Our God does not exist as a “static Father.” We believe in a God that wants to take us to higher places. He wants to move us from faith to faith, strength to strength and from glory to glory. God is always searching for such people to work in the Kingdom to his increase his glory. Are you prepared? Elder Kevin Thomas teaches on how to prepare our hearts.


Pastor Harold McKenzie / A Kingdom Perspective

This is a follow-up to Pastor McKenzie’s Kingdom sermon series. Today’s sermon starts with David and Goliath. Goliath stood well over nine feet tall, while David was less than 5’8” tall. Saul and his men stood in fear of the giant and rightly so, but David went towards the danger—he chased the giant. Are you confronting the giants in your life?

Time 56:39

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Unity Church of Jesus Christ

Pastor Harold McKenzie / My Journey
Time 48:02

Many have heard this medical belief, “If a man lives long enough he will develop prostate cancer.” This year Pastor McKenzie was told that he had prostate cancer. Listen to how Pastor saw this as a time to not only get closer to God, but also to listen to God as to making life changes. Eating for blood type, vegetarian diet and organic foods are some of the things he talks about in this inspiring message that ultimately ends with his cancer-free status.