A Lighthouse Of Unconditional Love

Elder L. Steve Hayes

Born in Pittsburgh, L. Steven Hayes was raised with three other siblings by his widowed mom. Elder Hayes attended Schenley High School and was accepted to Penn State where God ordained he would meet and marry the former Patricia Jesse.

As an undergraduate student in the early seventies, he was instrumental in forming the house-to-house Ministries of Life Fellowship with Pastor Gerald Loyd in the old Walnut Building on campus. He also was part of the early United Soul Ensemble gospel choir. This is the Hayes' second tour of duty in State College, since they previously lived in State College from 1971 to 1980. During that time, Hayes was ordained as a deacon and fulfilled many duties in support of the new, growing ministry. In 1980, Elder Hayes was transferred to Pittsburgh as Center Director for Sera-Tec Biologicals. The Hayes lived in Pittsburgh for seven years and answered God's call to return to State College in 1987. Upon returning to the area and Unity, he was ordained as an Elder and the Hayes were given responsibility over Unity Christian Campus Ministry and a cell group. Elder Hayes worked as Pastor Loyd's Administrative Assistant for five years before he secured his current position in Penn State's Office of Human Resources.

He created and developed the first kitchen ministry at Unity, helping needy families by distributing canned goods bought by the church, specifically for ministry to church members and needy families within the community. Also, Elder Hayes served as President of the Executive Committee at Unity for two terms, and Sister Pat served two separate terms as Secretary.

In the summer of 2000, the Hayes' once again answered God's call to oversee the campus ministry. Included in this responsibility is oversight of the bible fellowship and Sunday services for students on campus. Up until this time, services had not been held on campus on a consistent basis since 1985.

The Hayes' are proud parents of three of the best looking and talented children who have ever lived: son Ryan and daughters April and Alyta.