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Nothing puts a damper on a good service quite like discovering that your car has been towed. Following the guidelines on this page will ensure that this does not happen.

Church Parking Lot

There is a parking lot directly beside the church building. first one in, please pull all the way to the fence, to make room for people to park you in. If you will need to leave church before service is over, this is not a good lot for you to park in.

Raised Parking Lot

Directly in front of the church there is a raised parking lot where you can park on Sunday mornings only.

  • You may park in any space on the back side of the lot.
  • You may park in any space on the near side of the lot unless....
  • Do not park in any space labeled with a residential address or marked as "No Church Parking".

Destiny House

Destiny House Lot

The Destiny House (diagonally across from the church) has several areas you may park in.

  • You may park in the big paved lot behind Destiny House, but do not block access to the back row.
  • You may park closely beside Destiny House on the sides and back, but not in the gravel area beside the raised lot.
  • Do not block the small alley behind Destiny house, stay close to the building.

Behind Destiny HouseBeside Destiny HouseBeside Destiny House


Alley in front of the church bulding.

You may park on either side of the alley in front of the church, but only on weekends. With cars on both sides of the alley, it can be tight for cars passing through, so try to stay close to the building and the fence.

Gill St.

Gill St. ParkingThere is parking along Gill St., but only in the direction heading towards College Ave.  Be aware that there are many driveways along this street, and do not park in front of a driveway opening, as you may be ticketed.