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UCJC Church Forms And Documents



Edna Gibbs Barbour Scholarship Award Form

Open to high school seniors and college students from First Baptist Church in Elmsford, NY and Unity Church of Jesus Christ in State College, PA

Application deadline is November 27, 2013



Expense Reimbursement Form - UPDATED FOR 2018

Use this form to request reimbursement for purchases made for your auxiliary or ministry. PLEASE NOTE, THESE MUST BE DELIVERED IN HARD COPY. Electronic requests will not be processed.


Budget Proposal Form -  FOR 2019

Use this form to request budget amount for 2019 for your Auxiliary/Ministry.  PLEASE NOTE: THESE MUST BE DELIVERED IN HARD COPY -- With your hard copy signature.  Electronic requests will not be processed.

  • The form (UCJC 2019 Budget Proposal) AND any supporting documentation must be in the Church Office by 5pm on Sunday, October 28, 2018
  • The form must have your actual signature (not electronically)


Directory Information Update Form

Please submit this form to the office when your information for the church directory changes. Electronic submission is encouraged.

Space Usage Request Form

Use this form to request permission to reserve church facilities for different events. Electronic submission is encouraged. Requests must be received at least 24 hours in advance of requested usage or it it's a weekend usage, the request must be in the office by 5pm Thursday.             Space Usage Form Link

Tithes Statement Request Form 

During tax season, use this form to request tithe information from the treasurer.


Gifts Of The Spirit Outline

This is a reference document outlining Pastor Mac's teaching on the Gifts Of The Spirit. Section A through D outlines the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Section E provides information on the gifts of the Holy Spirit including descriptions and scripture references.

Church Bylaws